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Our Solution?

After many years of research, testing, and striving to create a perfect product to combat air born contaminates and contact exposure illnesses. We are proud to present the ZoneAir R10, a product that we at ZoneAir use ourselves, and now want to share with you. The ZoneAir R10 uses oxygen 3; oxygen 3 is a molecule that our earth creates to clean our air and environment. Oxygen 3 destroys bacteria and viruses such as influenza and MRSA. The R10 also creates negative ions which cause a static charge with particles in the air forcing them to stick together and fall to the floor. Dust, hair, and smoke can carry bacteria and viruses through the air. After being inhaled these materials could cause lung and sinus sicknesses or irritation from allergies.

How Is It Better?

The ZoneAir R10 is the first of its kind to use proprietary sensors to monitor oxygen 3 levels in the environment and programming to control the molecule generators. We at ZoneAir are passionate about our products and will stand behind them. This is why our competitors products are failing. We provide and highly recommend our maintenance plan annually to keep everything ticking along perfect so that you receive the best service and air.

Our product provides a pleasant air quality that we love and we hope you will too.

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We Built It SMART!

The first of it’s kind.

The ZoneAir R10 is fully automated. Plug in the power cable that is included with the unit, click the power switch on the back, and let it do what it does best. The SMART software will take care of the rest and let you know if something goes wrong.